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Here are the seven drabbles I ended up writing recently for a drabble request meme. I’m dead chuffed I managed to get all four of my fandoms in, and even managed to combine two into one. In a cracky kind of a way..
[personal profile] lauramcewan asked for S&H sexin'.. um...


It was one night, after Huggy had fed them too little food and too much tequila. And then it was painters and ping pong, and Starsky being dropkicked through the goalposts of life. And not by Jesus. Not by a long fucking chalk.

So it was one night, and now Hutch sits by a bed and doesn’t know. Doesn’t know if that frantic slide of his tongue into Starsky’s mouth and of his hand onto Starsky’s cock, was anything other than tequila and exhaustion.

Starsky has to live so that he can just fucking know. One way or the other.


[profile] kimberlyfdr asked for SPN and yup, as Drayce knew I would, of course I said yes!!


It’s something they do now, before a hunt. Too many deals, devils and demons have happened for them to ever take each other breathing and whole for granted again. It’s a little ritual Sam took a deep breath and asked for, and which Dean accepted. After calling him Samantha and having a shitload of fun with it first, of course.

“Hey,” Sam stops and then glares, holding his arms out. “Dude. Always with the reminding.”

Dean rolls his eyes and sighs, but he walks back into the room so that he and Sam can hug, guns careful over each other’s shoulders.


And one for the lovely [personal profile] draycevixen herself, whose prompt was "Murphy" and who actually gets a title for hers.


Bodie, Mind Reader Extraordinaire

“Murphy would.”

Doyle narrowed his eyes. Bodie was looking smug and in definite need of a good puncturing.

“Yeah? Best get over there and ask him then. See if I give a toss.”

Doyle held up his newspaper and read the same sentence four times. He heard the chair scrape as Bodie got up and he tried not to mind. Fucking, sodding—

A hand flattened his newspaper, and Bodie leaned right in.

“I said he would, I didn’t say I would. And you should know, sunshine, that the only thing getting punctured tonight, is you. So drink up, eh?”


And something seasonal and Pros for [personal profile] erushi.


“Happy Christmas, Bodie.”

“A bag of chips. You got me a bag of chips for Christmas.”

“A bag of Anselmo’s chips. With vinegar.”

“Oh well then, silly me. Cheers, mate. Christ, twenty years of living together, and you’re still the tightest skinflint I know.”


“No, no. Perfectly all right, sunshine. You enjoy those Calvin Klein jeans. I’ll just sit here and make my chips last, shall I? Because who the fuck knows when the next... when the next... um... Doyle?”

“Yes, Bodie.”

“There’s a ring in my chips, Doyle.”

“I know, you daft git. I put it there.”


[profile] sunray45 wanted a first time Bodie and Doyle one, and got a first move one really.


Bodie can see him, can feel the ground vibrating as he pounds up. And then Bodie’s world tilts like crazy and he wants to tell Doyle that he’s okay, that none of the blood is his, and to put him the fuck down before he throws up what little his stomach’s got left.

Ray, Ray... I’m fine, mate. They didn’t get me.

But his lips don’t work yet, so it all stays in his head. His nose works, though. It’s tickling because of the curls a warm hand around his neck is pressing his face into.

Doyle’s curls.

Bloody hell.


[personal profile] mashfanficchick wanted anything in Starsky and Hutch, and by God she got *something* all right. Older guys, and maybe a little cracky but I just couldn't help myself..


“What did you just call me?”

“Light of my life?”

“Nice try, Starsk, but I think your exact words were,‘Dude, bring me my reading glasses from the dresser’.”

“Then why’re you asking me? Jeez, Hutch, a little more with the upstairs brain might be good.”

“With the...? Okay, that does it. We’re not watching that damn show any more.”


“Starsky, will you stop talking like the fucking Winchesters! I swear, you whisper the word ‘Sasquatch’ to me in bed one more time and I’ll—


“Starsky, they’re brothers, you’re weird, and get off me!”

“When you’re so awesome? Nuh-uh.”


And finally, [personal profile] sc_fossil didn't ask but she's a darlin', so she got a Sentinel one anyway.


Jim never needed to watch Blair to know where he was at the best of times. And this was not the best of times, so no need to look up and see the pacing. He would just lean on the fridge, focus on a smudge, and see if he couldn’t zone a little...

“And stop throwing me behind the truck every goddamn time! The guy had a grenade, man, and you just... Are you zoning on me, Elllison?”

Plan B then.

Jim got him mid ‘and-another-thing’, so their first kiss was a little uncoordinated, but it shut Blair up beautifully.

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