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So [personal profile] przed and I have decided to throw caution to the wind and become co-conspirators in getting the first Pros Big Bang challenge up and running.

Our aim is simple; to get more long stories written, and to have artists and vidders sign up and collaborate with writers.

Our inaugural post is here at the newly minted [community profile] ci5_boxoftricks comm. The Writer Sign-Up post is here and the Artist Sign-Up post is here. Everyone is welcome to join the community, whether you are going to scribble, vid, photoshop, draw, or not.

I would also like to take a moment to blow kisses to all the kind folk who offered their help and support with this, on and off LJ. [personal profile] przed and I may yet come running for advice and suggestions as things progress. And a special hug to [personal profile] norfolkdumpling, who made it all look so damn pretty..
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I have no idea if this will show up on lj as I can't check it - but I thought I might try crossposting from Dreamwidth just to let folk know that for about 15 hours and counting, I've been completely locked out of Lj - my own and everyone else's. Can't even get in enough to contact them to ask why I can't get in...::sigh::

So I'm not ignoring anyone. LJ is doing it for me..*g*

By the way, am I alone in this???
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Okay, this is waaay late, but this is for the lovely [personal profile] jojosimco's birthday. Which yeah, yeah, was over a month ago.

She wanted Dean napping, so she got this slice of Sam/Dean that became more schmoop than porn. And as to the title.. well, let's just say nothing is sacred with me.

Slash, angst-free (hey, it's birthday fic!), it's coffee-sized at around 2,000 words. Beta'd by the one and only [personal profile] mara_snh

Sam’s Very Own Norwegian Blue
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First there was this splendid idea over at [personal profile] fhionnuisce's journal.

Then there was an intriguing prompt from [profile] brianshanelvr, which just grabbed hold of me. Literally. Because at 3,200+ words, it's clear that I actually have no idea what a comment fic truly is.

Gen, pre-series (Sam is 9, Dean is 13), this is beta'd by the fabulous [personal profile] mara_snh and [profile] ancastar, who have my undying gratitude for always keeping me and the boys on our toes.

Summary: "Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go according to any rules. They're not like aches or wounds; they're more like splits in the skin."
-F.Scott Fitzgerald, ‘The Crack-Up’-

A Split in The Skin
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Keyboard is working again and so am I..

Nieces and nephews are all huddled in front of the TV watching Batman strut his stuff in The Dark Knight on DVD. So seeing as how I've seen it already and how I sunburnt all my freckles yesterday, I am being good and staying indoors and at the laptop.

Where a Pros mood took me, so here is a pre-slash little wotnot for the Weekly Obbo Challenge over at [community profile] teaandswissroll 700 words.

Plan A
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I miss this writing lark. I have the outline for two fairly long Supernatural stories all scribbled ( God bless Starbucks in Baltimore:)), but no peace and quiet yet to start filling in the blanks, as it were.

So I thought a flashfic might be just the thing.. and it was! I feel much better now:))

Gen, unattached to an episode. It's just Dean having some color issues..

"It's pink."


"Dude. It's pink."

Flashfic. Supernatural
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Humidity hit 98% yesterday. WTF?? Seriously, how is that possible? Shouldn't we be like, fish or something?? Or at the very least have developed a few gills by now to help us breathe?? Anyhoo, jet lag is over, private lessons with a sweet but thick university student have begun, house is still full, and I am on pizza duty tomorrow - eep!

But I did manage some peace and quiet today in order to cram in a smidgen of cricket fluff for the challenge over at [community profile] discoveredinalj.

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Waaaaay back when this started life as a flashfic written to one of their four word prompts. Yeah, right. Somewhere along the way it grew into 1,860 words that I tapped out and tweaked whenever I had time. It has now been beta'd by the lovely [personal profile] mara_snh, and the only way it resembles a Flashslash fic is that the 4 word prompts are still there.

Laura says I can post it up at [community profile] flashslash too, which is very sweet of her.

Gen, and not attached to any particular episode. It's Sam taking care of his brother after a hunt...

Dakota Minnesota )
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A double drabble. Just because I miss writing like a limb and because I paid a deposit on my sleep debt this afternoon. This started life as a comment fic for [personal profile] paxlux, but I thought I could take it further so here it is. The lovely [profile] ancasta ran her beta eyes over it, and is now for her because she's not feeling well. Rest up, hon.

Gen, no spoilers needed.


Sense Memories

The smell of creosote was one, freshly cut grass was another. So Dean guessed they must have had a fence and a lawn once upon a time. Not that he could fit the idea of mowing grass on a Sunday with anything he knew about his life and his father, but he figured the grass must have been cut regularly to keep it down, to keep it nice. Like his mom would have wanted.

So sometimes when that sound drifted in, it would pull at his thoughts and make him swallow. If things were just right, he let it. If nothing hurt and needed fixing, if Sam was breathing safe and loud in the next bed, if coffee and salt were right there, then he would lie back with his eyes closed and see himself out there in the grass with his dad; helping, getting underfoot, even playing in the cuttings. He always breathed in deep to let the moment go all the way, though. Because if the world was still enough, then the hum and whirr of a lawn mower on a summer morning was not just his dad, but also the faint, sweet sound of a child giggling.

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Here are the seven drabbles I ended up writing recently for a drabble request meme. I’m dead chuffed I managed to get all four of my fandoms in, and even managed to combine two into one. In a cracky kind of a way..
[personal profile] lauramcewan asked for S&H sexin'.. um...
Starsky and Hutch, slash )

[profile] kimberlyfdr asked for SPN and yup, as Drayce knew I would, of course I said yes!!
Supernatural, gen. )

And one for the lovely [personal profile] draycevixen herself, whose prompt was "Murphy" and who actually gets a title for hers.
Pros, slash )

And something seasonal and Pros for [personal profile] erushi.
Pros, slash )

[profile] sunray45 wanted a first time Bodie and Doyle one, and got a first move one really.
Pros, slash )

[personal profile] mashfanficchick wanted anything in Starsky and Hutch, and by God she got *something* all right. Older guys, and maybe a little cracky but I just couldn't help myself..
Starsky and Hutch, slash )

And finally, [personal profile] sc_fossil didn't ask but she's a darlin', so she got a Sentinel one anyway.
The Sentinel, slash )
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Yeah, yeah, I know it's finale night, and you're all buckling in with nails bitten to the quick.. but I'm the one chugging up behind you all, the one who just came out of Heaven and Hell - quite literally - and all I can say is Holy Crap that was good.

Seriously, my jaw is still hanging.

Ruby, Anna, Castiel, Uriel, Alastair - OMG, Alastair!!!- were mesmerising. Every last one of 'em.

And boys... oh boys.

As for Dean and the sheer awesomeness that is Jensen Ackles? I may have hugged the television at the end, I'm not quite sure.
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Written as part of [personal profile] mara_snh's liquor-and-scribbling suggestion to help us all through the 'vale of tears' that is S4.

I've had the beer, and very nice it was too. So here's the scribbling.. a shot of S1 angst, when all Sam and Dean ever fell back on was each other.

Gen, this is a coda to 1.15, Shadow. Because Kripke, Kim, Meg, and all the boys packed a lot into that one. It was going to be a drabble, but we all know how that goes with me, so it's coffee-sized now at just under 1,500 words.

Oh, and there's a tiny tweak to canon here.

Nor The Battle To The Strong )
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Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] mara_snh, I now have the next 11 episodes of S4 to watch at my leisure. From 4.09 -I Know What You Did Last Summer, up to and including 4.19 Jump The Shark.

I may be gone a while.

And I also thought I'd jump on that predicting-the-finale bandwagon.

Under the cut for those determined to remain spoiler/discussion free - and there's also a link to an interview with Kripke, where he waxes lyrical about the S4 finale in that endearing, tantalisng, non-specific, join-the-dots-yourself way he has about him...

interview with Kripke, and a musing or two )
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I have fallen madly and deeply for some of the J2 AU fic out there. Sculptors, doctors, spies, piano players..

And there is one in particular that is sublime and my favourite so far and which has ... a kid in it.

There are support groups for this, right???