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Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] mara_snh, I now have the next 11 episodes of S4 to watch at my leisure. From 4.09 -I Know What You Did Last Summer, up to and including 4.19 Jump The Shark.

I may be gone a while.

And I also thought I'd jump on that predicting-the-finale bandwagon.

Under the cut for those determined to remain spoiler/discussion free - and there's also a link to an interview with Kripke, where he waxes lyrical about the S4 finale in that endearing, tantalisng, non-specific, join-the-dots-yourself way he has about him...

So what with Kripke blabbing on about "chasms" and "wedges" here, and other stuff that the actors have barely managed to sit on, plus the fact that S5 is a lock-in.. anyone for Sam being responsible for Bobby's death, and Dean for Ruby's?? That would seem like a mighty juicy wedge to me..

Seriously, I am sure there are going to be howls around the parish at whatever transpires, but I'm with [personal profile] aerye in wanting them as bloody and broken as possible so that they can be put back together, inch by angst-filled inch over S5.

And S5 must mean we're getting a 100th episode, right?? Let's hope they manage something as good as Angel for that particular milestone, and something a thousand times better than House.

One for the fans' indulgences would be nice. Just Sam and Dean for 40+ minutes or so, holed up somewhere with one of them badly hurt/poisoned/cursed/ etc. The other defending/ protecting/ keeping them both alive. Curse, whatnot, lifted last second when death looks certain - after a few good emo moments right??

They did this in Xena once, and it was as if the fans wrote the checklist for the entire episode.*g*


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